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Alcohol Free Gloriously


Are You Ready to Rock Your Life?


A.F.G. - Beyond the Program

You are a warrior, you've walked through fire and made it to the other side.
Alive but a mess.
And now what?
This 12 week master program that takes you to a whole new level in your beautiful life. One that you may not have even thought possible. 
Uplevel your health, your finances and your mental and emotional life and so much more. Dream big and go there!
You are beautiful. You are worthy. 
You are loved.
Discover your power within.


Alcohol Free Gloriously
Beyond the Program

Dream Again

Turn your dream into  reality


Live Healthy

Powerful & Luxuriously

"When someone believes in you, you can go far...

But when you believe in yourself,

you are limitless..."


I believe in you...do you?


You are beautiful.

You are worthy. 

You are powerful.

And so very loved.

Are you ready for your solution?

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Thought so... let's chat

You are a warrior, you've walked through fire and made it to the other side.
Alive, but a mess...and life still doesn't feel good. You've left alcohol behind but are still struggling... 

Forget about picking up the pieces. How about
creating something new? 
Creating a  masterpiece of your life instead? ​

Imagine with me for a moment...something beautiful & amazing.

With a dream and purpose again. Feeling clear mentally & emotionally.  Your relationships and family life are fabulous. You look and feel wonderful. You love yourself and are savoring your life. Your career and finances rocketing. Your quality of life is second to none. You are traveling luxuriously and having fun. Feeling for the first time that you are in control of your life. And best of all, you have created and are living the glorious life of your dreams. 
If you are asking "Can I really do that?"
I have a question for you...
"Why not you?"

If you are ready to step into this life in a luxurious and elegant way. And are ready to savor and appreciate all of you. If you want to feel cared for and guided as you begin to soar. Then you are in the right place at the perfect time.

We offer a simple and elegant solution that will help you take yourself to a 
whole new level. We'll support you beautifully as you create and celebrate your beautiful life.
We'll help you to dream big, design it, and then step into the most luxurious & free life you were always meant to live! 
Sound good? It's really possible!

Are you ready to live
Alcohol-Free Gloriously? 

That's what I thought...Schedule your discovery call today!


So, Are You Ready to "Rock Your Life"?

We hope so because this program is going to help you step into your most amazing life possible! It's designed to help you rock every single important category of your life and you are definitely not going to want to miss this one!

We have created this program with you specifically in mind and are using every life-changing tool in our banks to help you get your absolute best results.

Release stress, release excess weight, create more wealth, leave addictions behind...and more.

Feel powerful and in control of your life as you create and step into the life you have always wanted.

Finally feel good in your own skin.

We know that when you experience and embrace the transformational powers within yourself, you will be able to make empowering choices and change your life dramatically so that you can finally live the life you always dream about!  

and connect to inspiration, wisdom and your highest self

Join us at JUCIE LIVING and rock your life!


"When someone believes in you, you can go far.

When you believe in yourself, you are limitless."

I believe in you...do you?